TrusB spent his formative years in Southeast San Diego, California, where he was the youngest in his family. The community he grew up in was marked by a prevalent culture of gangbanging and drug dealing. Despite these negative influences, he was fortunate enough to be shielded from them. He found his calling in music through his involvement in church and various choirs. In addition, he explored different visual arts during this time. However, it was his experience recording a friend’s song that led him to pursue a career as an Artist/Producer.

TrusB’s debut project, “Life Long Journey Begins,” was released in 2012 and quickly gained a significant following throughout San Diego. Over the years, he continued to refine his sound and develop his artistic style. Today, he is known for his focus on progression and energy, which distinguishes him from other artists. He has also created a loyal fan base known as the “Catered Family,” which goes beyond just a musical connection.

TrusB is quickly establishing himself as the new “West Coast” prince and is poised to bring back the rejuvenated West Coast sound that was popular in the 90s. With his smooth and charismatic flow, he plans to surprise not just his hometown of San Diego or the West Coast but the entire world with his lyrical storytelling and innovative style.

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