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Back again with a dope West Coast style song, had to do it for the SUMMER. “Life Of An Artist” Coming soon but first lets bring the coast back; By Any Means!!!!!

Dora Lewis
“How I Do”


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Growing up in Southeast San Diego, Ca. and being the youngest sibling in his family TrusB was hidden from a lot of the area activates such as gangbanging and drug dealing. While young he found a connection with music through church, always being involved in different after school activates including athletics and art. He didn’t know it at the time but TrusB was becoming someone with incredible artist abilities.

Through high school TrusB was into 2D/3D art, ceramics and many other art forms. As a senior he realized the value that his school had in connection to his artistic ability. He then got involved with as many activates as he could sound system technician in ASB, Host in video class, photography and continued as an art and music student. Being asked to record a friend’s song is when TrusB then realized that there was more to explore with in the craft of music.

After high school he went on to become an artist/producer; in 2010 “CATERED UP,” was created. In 2012 releasing his first mixtape “Life Long Journey Begins,” help him get a heavy buzz throughout San Diego. As time went on the buzz faded and TrusB seen his self stand still. After 2 years of finding his sound and learning more about video work, engineering music, networking and the business side of things TrusB popped back in the San Diego music scene in 2015 with several different shows from San Diego to LA and back.

Now the new “WEST COAST,” prince is preparing to bring you the rejuvenated west coast sound/vibe that took the industry by storm in the 90’s as well as many other styles. Due to release his 2nd official project titled “Life Of An Artist,” in 2017 under CATERED UP; TrusB is ready to surprise not only his city not only the west coast but the whole world with his smooth, lyrical, storytelling, charismatic flow.